Read My Lips - Achieve the Ombre Effect

The technique of doing ombre lips or as some say “lip contouring,” has been around for many years. Marilyn Monroe famously was known for doing it to make her lips look fuller. Starting with several shades of a lip color and a gloss, start with the darker color to frame the lips starting on outer corners and fading in. Use the next darkest color to fill in most of the lips, blending just barely into the outer center of the lips. You can use a final lighter color to fill in the center and innermost part of the lips. Finally, dab a small amount of gloss - you don’t want the gloss to move around all the work you’ve done - just in the center for a ultra 3-D effect. If you already have full lips, but love the idea of an ombre look, try a darker color on the inside of the lips and gradually go lighter towards the lip lines for the very on-trend, reverse ombre lip.

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