No-Fuss Waves

Hair trends define whole generations, from the coiffed bouffant of the 50’s to the highly teased bangs of the 80’s. Now, in the mid 2010’s hair has gone in a whole new direction. Tresses are all about undone, subtle waves, sometimes with a touch of texture and messiness. So how do you get “Maybe I did my hair, maybe I didn’t” waves?

When your locks are still wet, you can use a leave-in conditioner with heat protection to help combat the damage caused by using heat-styling products. Depending on your natural curl, you can let your hair air-dry or you can blow-dry your hair so it is smoother. Once hair is completely dry, use a large barrel curling iron, taking large sections, directing away from the face in the front sections and in the back you can switch it up once or twice to curl towards the face. Start your curl at the base of the hair, wrapping until you can leave the last inch or so out of the iron. You want most of your curl to live in the mid-shaft of your hair.

Finish with some texture near the root of the hair. Texture is easily added in with a sea spray or other type of texturizing product, which comes in many forms - sprays, creams and even powders. A quick spritz of a light hairspray will give your style some staying power, and then you are ready to take on your day with your beautiful, effortless-looking strands!

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