Dark Matter - The Darkest of Colors

Black is the darkest of colors, completely devoid of white pigment. Traditionally, black represents drama, power and mystery - among many other things. In beauty, the epitome of a smoky eye is one created with black. Because black absorbs light, it creates the darkest shading. The most dramatic of looks are possible, which can completely transform. A heavily defined dark eye dates back to the Egyptians, who we credit today with the innovation of kohl. Black eye makeup continued to be used throughout history for cosmetic and even religious and health purposes. Although, it experienced a decline in popularity in Europe between the Middle Ages and the Edwardian era, it then became a modern mainstay in cosmetics after the 1920’s. Whether you want to find the blackest of mascaras, the richest dark liner or the most pigmented black shadow, we have gathered some of our favorites for you. 

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